We’re proud to sponsor the 2023 SEL Exchange!

Meet with us
at the SEL Exchange
Nov. 7-9

We at IFSEL are passionate about SEL! We want to learn more about your districts and schools, and share our SEL implementation experience.

We are offering 15 minute 'non-salesy' meetings for any educators at the SEL Exchange this year.

To make this a productive 15 minutes, you can use our SEL Audit & Reflection Tool and we can review your responses when we meet or we can discuss other topics that will help "build the village our children need."

We promise to make this meeting worth your time.

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Join our Session

“Not Another Initiative!”
3 Ways to Embed SEL in School Culture and Make It Stick

Nov. 8th @ 3:00 - 3:45
Room A402

Offering insights, free tools, and actionable plans, this session will explore strategies to build an equity-rooted, whole-community approach to SEL. We’ll share practices and school case studies that focus on cultivating educator and student engagement and building a culture of care. You will leave with ideas to help SEL feel joyful, sustainable, and not just “one more thing to do."

The Institute for Social and Emotional Learning empowers educators, young people, and parents to transform their schools into caring, inclusive communities.

Since 2009, IFSEL has designed and led professional development Institutes, Workshops, and Consultations with 7000+ educators, from over 700 schools in the United States and abroad.

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IFSEL Offers:

LAUNCHED: In-Person Summer Institutes for 2022

We are thrilled to announce that during the summer of 2022, IFSEL will once again offer our flagship SEL Institutes IN-PERSON at these locations/dates:

  1. June 27-30: Washington, DC Area
  2. July 25-28: Chicago, IL
  3. August 1-4: San Francisco Bay Area
Financial Aid and Group Discounts Available for All Institutes

What We Offer


Each year we design and lead a one-year path of faculty development work for a small number of schools. The path is customized for each school’s needs, so SEL can be integrated fully into the education experience of all students and teachers.


Institutes are our core experience, designed with SEL as a professional and personally transformative experience. Join a cohort of educators, administrators, and counselors from Kindergarten through 12th grade for four days of inspirational and informative sessions, collaboration, and reflection that range across a broad library of SEL topics and research. Gain experiential knowledge and resources to bring SEL to your school communities.


These creative and experiential two-day workshop offers educators, administrators, counselors and advisors the opportunity to learn how to build classroom practices and school-wide systems that nurture the social and emotional health of all members of the community. Schools that intentionally activate SEL across the community in this way see wide-ranging benefits for emotional and mental health, a growth in the sense of belonging and community, and positive shifts in mindset, engagement and learning.


Our courses offer exciting professional and personal renewal through learning experiences that engage your growth mindset and resiliency. SEL Courses afford opportunities for both new and experienced educators to engage with sound research and time-tested curricula resources.  Gain insight through thoughtful discussion, well-designed interactions, and the opportunity for self and group reflection.


To support the work schools are already doing to activate SEL across their communities, IFSEL has developed a Series of online Workshops for parents. The Series offers parents the chance to come together to uncover both a shared understanding and a range of practical tools and insights to bring SEL alive at home.


This workshop series is designed for new faculty and staff at schools that already have worked with IFSEL. The workshop will introduce IFSEL’s Whole-Community Approach to SEL through a series of meaningful and creative experiences. Participants will have the opportunity to experience a range of practices and tools that will deepen their knowledge, skills and confidence in working with students, colleagues and families. The workshop is the ideal way for all current and prior IFSEL schools to welcome new faculty and support them through their first year at your school.


Members of the IFSEL Team are available to support schools on-site through creative and engaging professional development. We work closely with schools to understand their hopes and needs, co-creating an agenda designed for maximum benefit and impact.


IFSEL’s Team brings decades of experience to coaching work - as Administrators, SEL- specialists, Counselors, Non-Profit CEOs, and Researchers. We know that coaching thrives when there is a strong connection between coachee and their coach, so we’re dedicated to listening to your hopes and finding the right match.


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LAUNCHED: In-Person Summer Institutes for 2022

We are thrilled to announce that during the summer of 2022, IFSEL will once again offer our flagship SEL Institutes IN-PERSON at these locations/dates:

Financial Aid and Group Discounts Available for All Institutes
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Featured Professional Development Events

Sustainable & Equitable SEL Weekend Workshop

Equitable and sustainable SEL approaches evolve from the intersection of strong foundational practices and innovative and creative application with each school’s culture and context. This weekend workshop offers educators, administrators, and counselors a range of practical and transferable SEL approaches and tools to activate a Whole Community Approach to SEL.

Sept 30 - Oct 1
More Info
Advisory Workshop

Two-day workshop focusing on how to create and sustain a robust advisory program in middle & high schools that centers belonging and equity.

Oct 23 & 24
Middle School & High School
More Info
See All Events

The Responses We Receive

“IFSEL was by far the most inspiring, empowering, and career-changing
professional development I have ever been a part of.”  
--Administrator and Summer Institute Participant

 “[IFSEL] completely changed our school culture for the better... We just did a survey with [6th -8th graders], and it was overwhelmingly in favor of more SEL.”  
--Middle School Teacher, Advisor, and Summer Institute Participant

"Thank you for making this something to look forward to. Trainings are always awesome, but when you learn how to grow from a deeper place inside, that is something that is hard to put a value you, and you always want more!!! THANK YOU!!!"
--High School Teacher and Virtual Workshop Participant

"I received so much from the Workshop: new tools and resources, personal affirmation of my pedagogical practices, amazing connections, and social support and grounding. It exceeded all my expectations!"
--High School Teacher and Workshop Participant

"This Workshop was a wonderful experience - the materials, the takeaways, the easily implemented strategies and tools will be invaluable for working with students, faculty, and staff."
--Lower School Teacher and Workshop Participant
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