IFSEL Curriculum

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250+ SEL Lesson Plans and Resources

Creative and Experiential

Grades K-12, plus Adult SEL Lesson Too

CASEL Competency Aligned

250+ SEL Lesson Plans and Resources

Creative and Experiential

Grades K-12, plus Adult SEL Lessons Too

CASEL Competency Aligned

IFSEL’s evidence-led Lesson and Resource Library supports educators, schools, and districts to build an engaging, joyful, and reflective curriculum for K-12 Social and Emotional Learning. 

Lessons and Resources are aligned with CASEL competencies and have been tried and tested in classrooms around the world. The curriculum design is rooted in principles of diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging, and offers a creative and experiential approach to SEL teaching and learning. 

Research suggests that there is no ‘one-size fits all’ approach to building an SEL curriculum, and with this in mind IFSEL does not offer a ‘packaged’ SEL curriculum with a pre-determined scope and sequence with tightly prescribed steps. 

Instead, IFSEL’s approach honors SEL competency building, in series, with developmental progression, and in flexible forms. IFSEL’s belief is that for SEL to take root and be sustained in schools and districts, educators must bring their creativity and knowledge of their students to the process of curating an SEL curriculum. 

IFSEL believes that high-quality SEL curriculum should:

Build on existing strong SEL practices. This includes working with SEL resources that educators already use and find to be effective.

Spiral through the SEL competencies as children move through grades; revisiting and deepening their understanding in new, developmentally appropriate ways at each stage.

Be culturally responsive - providing opportunities for students to learn SEL through the lens of their own lived experience, their identities, and the identities and histories of their communities.

Be grounded in educator and student creativity, centering student voice and agency.

Be planned and emergent. While planning an effective sequence of SEL experiences in each grade level is crucial, IFSEL also recommends intentionally leaving space for emerging themes and topics.

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Starts December 6
Seven 1.5 Hour Sessions
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