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Thank you for your interest in IFSEL's 2016 Summer Programs

IFSEL's programs have become recognized for their significant and immediately applicable content. In 2015, the Summer Institute became fully booked by the springtime. If you are prevented from registering due to a "sold out" condition, we encourage you to contact us at info@instituteforsel.org to add your name to our Wait List. As you know, plans can change for registrants and we'll contact you immediately by phone as soon as space opens up.

In order to expedite your registration off the Wait List, please email us at info@instituteforsel.org and provide your :

Full name
Job title
School / organization name & address, phone number
A phone number and email address where you can be reached over the summer (very important)!

The IFSEL event you would like to attend (choose one):
4-day Summer Institute Only, 8/1/16-8/4/16
5-day Summer Institute + Selected Sessions,
8/1/16-8/5/16 1-day Selected Sessions Only, 8/5/16
Grade(s) you normally work with
Any restrictions or requirements, dietary or otherwise
Permission to share your contact information with other participants (not for marketing - for an informal SEL support network).

What inspired you to register for our program?
How did you hear about us?

Please be prepared to make a decision within 48 hours of an offer, so we can open the spot promptly to others if you are unable to accept. This is especially helpful to those who need to book flights and accommodations.

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