SEL-rooted support to bring joy and connectedness through the transition to a new school

New online Cohort Format

This workshop series is designed for new faculty and staff at schools that already have worked with IFSEL. The workshop will introduce IFSEL’s Whole-Community Approach to SEL through a series of meaningful and creative experiences.

Participants will have the opportunity to experience a range of practices and tools that will deepen their knowledge, skills and confidence in working with students, colleagues and families.

The workshop is the ideal way for all current and prior IFSEL schools to welcome new faculty and support them through their first year at your school.

Four 90-minute Workshops

for current and former IFSEL Schools

Series goals are:

  • To support and nurture new faculty and staff during the transition to a new school.
  • To help new faculty and staff develop SEL-informed goals and priorities for themselves and their classes.
  • To provide essential and foundational SEL training, to help sustain your school’s current SEL Approach.
  • To build connection and belonging through equity-rooted SEL experiences, designed for personal and professional renewal.

Who should attend:

  • Any new employees at your school - faculty, staff, and leadership.

What's included:

  • Packet of resources and lesson plans.

The workshops are delivered online, and dates/times are coordinated directly with each school. We recommend these sessions are scheduled monthly from September to December.

Minimum group size is 5 people, maximum group size is 30.

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