Dena Scott




California, USA

Dr. Dena Scott is a licensed clinical psychologist with over twenty years of experience working with children and families. Dena began her work with children and families during college in the San Francisco Bay Area where she worked in community organizations and group homes. While at graduate school in New York, she continued her work with youth as she was able to take on a project at a local public school in Harlem for pregnant and parenting teens. Dr. Scott then relocated back to the Bay Area to complete her doctorate degree and was able to work extensively with Children’s Hospital Oakland and West Contra Costa Community Mental Health where she focused on youth with chronic illness and complex trauma. Her career then took her on a path of looking at the intersectionality of race, SES, mental health and addressing disparities within the health, justice and educational systems. After spending seven years supporting the development and implementation of evidenced based practices for youth and families in the community mental health sector, she transitioned into supporting the implementation of quality social emotional programming within schools in Los Angeles and Atlanta. Dr. Scott is continuing to help strengthen SEL programming that provides wellness for school communities through diverse, equitable and inclusive practices. Dr. Scott’s passion for working with children and families, and her experience in leadership and program development has continued to push her into opportunities that support mental health and educational systems.

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