Tri Huynh


AB (Molecular Biology), EdM (Teacher Education)


California, USA

Tri Huynh is an 8th grade science teacher and advocacy coordinator at the Menlo School. Throughout his career, Tri has taught math and science across various school settings. Before coming to Menlo, he taught at the Cambridge Rindge and Latin School, Cristo Rey Boston High School, Cornerstone Academy, and Town School for Boys. At Town School, he was a mentor teacher through the school's New Teacher Institute. Each summer, he also serves as an instructional coach with the Breakthrough Collaborative Program at the San Francisco Children's Day School.

No matter where he was teaching, what Tri consistently observed is that SEL provided the on-ramp to academic achievement. This observation led Tri to pursue professional development with IFSEL in 2015. What he learned at IFSEL was absolutely transformational to his teaching practice. In his current role as an advocacy coordinator, Tri often refers back to what he learned at IFSEL to develop a curriculum for the advisory program at Menlo. And as an associate facilitator, he hopes to spread the amazing work at IFSEL with other educators.

In his spare time, Tri is an avid reader, amateur cook and budding botanist. He owns over 40 house plants and loves caring for each of them!

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