About Us

The Institute for Social and Emotional Learning empowers educators, young people, and parents to transform their schools into caring, inclusive communities.

Experiential learning at the heart of all our work enables educators to inspire young people to evolve into compassionate leaders and resilient learners.

Our work helps educators reshape how they see themselves, renew their inspiration and creativity, and develop their ability to build more humanity and empathy into their dynamic role as instructor-facilitator.

Since 2009

Since 2009, the Institute for Social and Emotional Learning has designed and led professional development Institutes, Workshops and Consultations with 10,000+ educators, from over 1,000 schools in the United States and abroad.

We have hosted 22 four-day Institutes and many one- and two-day Workshops. Our team has led consultations with faculties from 200+ public and private schools across the US and Internationally.

The Responses We Receive

“IFSEL was by far the most inspiring, empowering, and career-changing
professional development I have ever been a part of.”  
--Administrator and Summer Institute Participant

 “[IFSEL] completely changed our school culture for the better... We just did a survey with [6th -8th graders], and it was overwhelmingly in favor of more SEL.”  
--Middle School Teacher, Advisor, and Summer Institute Participant

"Thank you for making this something to look forward to. Trainings are always awesome, but when you learn how to grow from a deeper place inside, that is something that is hard to put a value you, and you always want more!!! THANK YOU!!!"
--High School Teacher and Virtual Workshop Participant

"I received so much from the Workshop: new tools and resources, personal affirmation of my pedagogical practices, amazing connections, and social support and grounding. It exceeded all my expectations!"
--High School Teacher and Workshop Participant

"This Workshop was a wonderful experience - the materials, the takeaways, the easily implemented strategies and tools will be invaluable for working with students, faculty, and staff."
--Lower School Teacher and Workshop Participant
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