Supporting parent and caregiver SEL and wellbeing is essential if we are to build caring and inclusive communities where empathy abounds and all people thrive.

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The benefits of supporting parents and caregivers in the workplace as well as the school community

It's increasingly challenging for working parents to compartmentalize their family lives while engaging in professional endeavors.

Read more about how offering parent and caregiver support in the workplace can benefit both the employees and organization.

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Bring Parent & Caregiver Workshops to Your Community

To support the work schools and companies are already doing to activate SEL and wellbeing across their communities, IFSEL has developed workshops specifically designed for parents and caregivers.

Our Parenting Workshops offers parents the chance to come together to uncover both a shared understanding and a range of practical tools and insights to bring SEL alive at home.

Organizations can choose individual workshops or curate a selection of workshops that will meet the need of their community.

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Workshop Options

Each themed Workshop is a stand-alone experience, but grouping as a series offers a deep and renewing experience.

Raising Engaged and Confident Young People in a Complex World

Our children are growing up in a vastly different world than the one we remember coming of age in, and they benefit from the support of a cohesive community of adults. In an increasingly fractured and polarized political landscape, the role of dialogue and storytelling offer possibility, and listening-for-understanding is a skill we need to nurture in ourselves and our children, especially when we find ourselves in discussions with people who have different points of view.

Big Moments:
Bringing Calm when Emotions Run High

Reflect on the full range of emotions that parents and children might experience, particularly during this post pandemic world. We present a framework and practical strategies for managing and regulating our own emotions as well as coaching our children to better manage theirs.

Communication and Conflict: Building and Repairing Relationships and Getting to Peace

Gain practical tools to build and maintain positive approaches to communication within the family, and explores ways to repair and heal relationships when conflict arises or communication falters. We will focus on active and reflective listening, styles of communication, and practices for conflict transformation.

Coaching for Compassionate Decision Making and Problem Solving

This workshop will offer parents and caregivers practical tools for guiding their children to make compassionate and responsible decisions, for themselves and in their relationships with others. We’ll offer some insights for navigating complex or challenging conversations that can arise, and share an easy-to-use problem solving protocol to use in coaching your child to greater resilience and independence.

What's Included

  • IFSEL coordinates the sign-up process for parents and caregivers.
  • If online, IFSEL hosts the workshop on our Zoom account and can be recorded for organizations to share with parents who cannot attend live.
  • A digital comprehensive guide with resources to support the workshops.
  • Introductory Overview Video which gives an overview of our framework, SEL language, and research. It also addresses the intersections of SEL and Diversity, Equity and Inclusion.
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Advisory Workshop

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April 16 & 17
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