Professional coaching not only benefits Administrators and Educators in their critical and life-affirming work, but also has a profound impact on the students and communities they serve. Through the intentional and ongoing practice of reflection, self-care, support, and planning, Administrators and Educators who engage in Coaching with the IFSEL team can bring clarity, purpose, and emotional health to all they do.

Benefits of Coaching

Abundant research from around the world and testimony from many Administrators and Educators makes clear that coaching has a positive impact on wellbeing, leadership skills, student outcomes, and can reduce stress and avoid burnout.

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“Working with my Coach has been incredible. Starting this new role, I knew that I would struggle with my confidence and decision making. After starting to work together over the summer, I felt 100% more confident in my work, reflecting on practice, and handling some really difficult situations. I have learned so much from the coaching process and never want it to end!”
—IFSEL Coachee and Middle School Educator

Coaching Services

IFSEL provides coaching services to school leaders, counselors, administrators, and educators at all levels to:

  • Reflect upon and develop teaching and leadership practices
  • Lead with SEL at the heart of next steps
  • Maintain a commitment to self- and communal care
  • Reaffirm self-confidence to build ideas into action
  • Plan and implement a Whole Community Approach to SEL
  • Manage change and difficult situations
  • Explore goals, motivations, and aspirations for the future

Meet the Team

IFSEL’s Team brings decades of experience to coaching work - as Administrators, SEL- specialists, Counselors, Non-Profit CEOs, and Researchers. We know that coaching thrives when there is a strong connection between coachee and their coach, so we’re dedicated to listening to your hopes and finding the right match.

IFSEL’s Coaching Approach and Processes

IFSEL’s creative and experiential approach to coaching is grounded in the belief that many of the answers we seek are already known, and that the process of reflection and discussion can help us move ahead with courage, hope, and a sense of personal renewal.

All IFSEL’s coaching processes are personalized - we know there is no one-size-fits-all approach that can be effective.

  • Schedule a free 30-minute conversation and we will work with you to identify a coach from our team that best matches your situation and goals for coaching.
  • You and your coach will then work to co-create a plan and objectives for the 6-session Coaching Program.
  • We recommend that you schedule your sessions for the Coaching Program over a 6 month period, with no more than a month between sessions.
  • Further sessions can be scheduled on a rolling basis after the initial 6-sessions Coaching Program is complete.  
  • You will have email and phone access to your coach in between sessions.

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