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Each year IFSEL designs and leads a bespoke path of faculty professional development, leadership coaching, and consulting for a small number of schools and districts. The plan is customized for each organization’s needs, so SEL can be integrated fully into the education experience of all students, educators, and parents/caregivers.

IFSEL's experience of working with hundreds of schools and districts around the world, combined with the depth of our workshop and lesson library enables us to design and tailor a dynamic range of experiences for each school or district.

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Program Elements

  • Classroom coaching.
  • SEL events for parent education.
  • Scope and Sequence Creation
  • Guidance on difficult events that impact School Climate.
  • Demonstration classes.
  • Leadership Coaching
  • Workshop days and virtual sessions, on a broad range of SEL fundamentals.
  • Guidance on school-wide systems: e.g. how to infuse SEL into lunchtime, recess, field trips, assemblies, student council, graduation, honoring rituals and/or awards.

Program Goals

  • Help faculty reshape how they see themselves, renew their inspiration and creativity, and develop their ability to build more humanity and empathy into their teaching practice.
  • Give faculty and parents a common understanding of the practices and vocabulary that can help inspire students to evolve into compassionate leaders and resilient learners.
  • Give faculty an in-depth experiential understanding of SEL.
“I normally opt out of all of these and am not willing to be a part of such experiences - out of my comfort zone. I engaged in this and took huge risks and I didn’t want to and I’m so happy I did, and it was such a positive experience.”

—Sixth Grade Teacher

"The Open Session (format shared by IFSEL team) yesterday was very impactful for me. I was amazed at the openness, care, and wisdom some of our kids demonstrated and found myself holding back tears with one of the cards.  I knew where that card came from and she happened to be in my Advisory.  So I took the opportunity to process the session with them this morning.   I think for that child, it could have been life saving.  She shared how comforting it made her feel to hear all the responses."

—Middle School Advisor

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