• IFSEL coordinates the sign-up process for parents and caregivers and hosts the workshop on our Zoom account.
  • The three themed workshops can be recorded for schools to share with parents who can not attend live.
  • Each parent/caregiver community also receives link to a comprehensive google doc with resources to support the Workshop Series.

Supporting parent and caregiver SEL and wellbeing is essential if we are to build caring and inclusive communities where empathy abounds and all people thrive.

IFSEL supports parents and caregivers in the following ways:

  1. As part of a school becoming an IFSEL school or alongside on-site Consulting . For more information on becoming an IFSEL School or working with IFSEL generally, email
  2. Through IFSEL’s innovative Online Workshop Series “Nurturing Parent and Caregiver SEL” - available to schools and all non-education workplaces.


To support the work schools and companies are already doing to activate SEL and wellbeing across their communities, IFSEL has developed a Series of online Workshops for parents. The Series offers parents the chance to come together to uncover both a shared understanding and a range of practical tools and insights to bring SEL alive at home.

The Series comprises one 35-minute recorded, asynchronous introductory Workshop and three 90-minute, synchronous themed Workshops. This allows parents and caregivers to watch the recorded introduction and then ‘drop-in’ to any of the themed Workshops. Each themed Workshop is therefore effectively a stand-alone experience, but collectively the Series offers a deep and renewing experience.


This short, recorded session is a recommended prerequisite for any of the themed Workshops. The purpose of this Workshop is to introduce IFSEL and our framework, to give an overview of SEL language and research, and to share intersections of SEL and Diversity, Equity and Inclusion.


These sessions will be offered as one group for K-12th grade parents. Price varies accordingly.

  • Big Moments: Bringing Calm when Emotions Run High

This session offers parents an opportunity to reflect on the full range of emotions that parents and children might experience, particularly during this post pandemic world. We will offer a framework and practical strategies for managing and regulating our own emotions as well as coaching our children to better manage theirs.

  • Communication and Conflict: Building and Repairing Relationships and Getting to Peace

This session offers parents practical tools to build and maintain positive approaches to communication within the family, and explores ways to repair and heal relationships when conflict arises or communication falters. We will focus on active and reflective listening, styles of communication, and practices for conflict transformation.

  • Coaching for Compassionate Decision Making and Problem Solving

This session will offer parents and caregivers practical tools for guiding their children to make compassionate and responsible decisions, for themselves and in their relationships with others. We’ll offer some insights for navigating complex or challenging conversations that can arise, and share an easy-to-use problem solving protocol to use in coaching your child to greater resilience and independence.

IFSEL also offers this Online Parent and Caregiver SEL Education Workshop Series for companies and all non-education workplaces.

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SEL Leadership Program - US Time Zones

This program supports leaders and educators around the world to build and sustain an inclusive, equitable, SEL-rooted school community. This online program is experiential, inspiring, and renewing - providing a balance of high impact practical tools and approaches, alongside space for collaboration and reflection.

Starts December 6
Seven 1.5 Hour Sessions
Whole Community Approach to SEL - La Jolla

These creative and experiential two-day workshop offers educators, administrators, counselors and advisors the opportunity to learn how to build classroom practices and school-wide systems that nurture the social and emotional health of all members of the community.

February 2 & 3
2 Days
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