Schools and Districts can find themselves at many different stages of progress towards building a Whole-Community Approach to SEL where empathy abounds and all people thrive. 

IFSEL’s Free School and District SELf Reflection Tool uses a student-centered, whole-community approach to help schools better understand the strengths and areas for growth of their current SEL provision. This tool empowers educators and administrators to build an evidence-led action plan and prioritize next steps for their community. 

The tool can be completed by one individual or by individuals on a team (eg SEL Committee, Leadership Team etc).

At the core of IFSEL’s practice is the understanding that a commitment to equity must be woven throughout a school's SEL offer. In the spirit of this, we suggest having a few members of your community who bring diverse perspectives to complete the tool, and then come together to discuss areas of convergence and divergence in your responses.

IFSEL’s interactive tool for School SELf Reflection will guide schools through assessing their SEL practices in the following areas:

- Coordination and Planning
- School Climate and Ethos
- SEL Curriculum, Teaching, and Learning
- Integration of SEL into Subject Areas
- School Wide Systems and Structures
- Responsive Opportunities for SEL
- Partnership with Families and Communities 

The tool takes around 20 minutes to complete and is offered to schools and districts free of charge. 

At the end of the assessment, you will have an opportunity to download a hard copy of the School Self Reflection Tool to share with your team.

We are also happy to offer free 30 minute call with a member of the IFSEL team to discuss your responses. 

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