Eileen Growald

IFSEL Advisor

Eileen has spent her life connecting people and ideas for a better world. Over three decades, starting in her thirties, she founded five non-profit organizations. The Institute for the Advancement of Health helped establish the credibility of connection between mind and body in health and illness, and CASEL was the founding organization in educating about social and emotional learning. She was the founding chair of the Rockefeller Philanthropy Advisors, now serving the largest group of philanthropists in the world, and with her husband Paul, founded a small conservation organization to protect scenic viewsheds in Vermont. Since 2007 she and Paul, along with their executive director of the Growald Climate Fund (formerly Growald Family Fund) have worked globally with many partners to transition the electricity sector to clean, fossil free fuels. Eileen & Paul live on an organic farm in Vermont and have two grown sons who are also working on behalf of a cleaner planet. She also organizes personal growth groups both in person and globally by zoom, is an author of her 2013 memoir: Being a Rockefeller, Becoming Myself, as well as several books of poetry. She also loves to cook, walk in nature, ride and drive her Morgan horses, do needlework, and spend time with her family and friends.

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