Elizabeth McLeod



Director and Co-Founder

California, USA

McLeod, M. Ed., is a multi-talented educator whose portfolio reflects her
distinctive commitment to the social and emotional wellbeing of children,
adults and organizations.

has served as SEL Specialist with grades 1-6 at The Nueva School; classroom
teacher for 5th-8th grades at Live Oak School; and school counselor at Marin
Primary and Middle School.  She has facilitated online learning
courses in the Advanced Leadership Program for Women through the Australian
School of Management’s National Excellence in School Leadership

was the founding Executive Director of GirlVentures, a Bay Area nonprofit that
empowers adolescent girls to discover and express their strengths though outdoor
adventure and creative arts. Leading people into the outdoors to learn about themselves,
others, and our connection to the natural world is a theme that runs through
all of Elizabeth’s work.

also specializes in teaching peace-building skills to youth and adults, drawing
on principles of non-violent communication and Eastern contemplative practices.
As a trainer for the Peninsula Conflict Resolution Center, she supported
conflict resolution and peer mediation programs in diverse Bay Area
schools. She also facilitates mindfulness and yoga experiences for
children and adults seeking to develop embodied self-awareness and resilience.

parent and parent+child workshops promote listening, creativity, and

Elizabeth graduated from Boston College with a
B.A. in Human Development and English.  She holds single and multiple
subject teaching credentials from San Francisco State University.  She
earned her M. Ed. from Harvard Graduate School of Education. She completed
teacher certification programs at the Yoga Garden and Spirit Rock Meditation
Center and is a longtime student of yoga and vipassana meditation.

lives on the coast south of San Francisco, where she loves to spend time
outdoors with her teenaged children and their active border collie.

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