Joe Tchen



Program Manager

Washington, USA

Joe is a seasoned educator with an extensive background in Social and Emotional Learning integration in a variety of contexts. With a MaT in English from UCF and dual degrees in English and Linguistics from UF, Joe applied his learning in a Florida High School classroom teaching reading and AP Language as well as a Seattle Independent School teaching middle school Language Arts, Technology, and Drama at the Seattle Country Day School (SCDS) for over a decade.

During the same time he was developing academic and SEL skills, he became deeply involved with DEI efforts, co-chairing SCDS’s Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion committee, working on the NAIS Student Diversity Leadership Retreat, and attending PoCC yearly as well as joining the local-team for the 2019 PoCC in Seattle. He has completed the Klingenstein Institute as well as the Diversity Leadership Institute.

In 2014, as a member of the SCDS staff, Joe attended his first Summer SEL Institute. His deep connection to SEL drove him to attend a SEL Summer Institutes every year (minus the COVID hiatus). Initially, Joe was an Institute participant before he transitioned into an Associate role with IFSEL, facilitating professional development sessions and assisting behind the scenes.  Now as a full-time IFSEL staff member, Joe works on program development and works with schools to realize their SEL goals.

In his free time, Joe will readily wax lyrical about both the professional and personal benefits an authentic SEL approach has had on his professional and personal lives. And to come back to center, Joe loves to boulder, play board games, travel, and generally stay connected with his queer community.

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