Paule Ebrahimi

IFSEL Advisor

Paule Marie Ebrahimi’s progressive educational career has allowed her the opportunity to create success-oriented programs for students. Her varied experiences in administration provides her with a holistic perspective on teaching and learning.  She has served in many roles including Head of School, Special Education Coordinator, Curriculum Specialist, Principal, and currently as Director of Middle and Upper School students with learning differences.

Paule has a B.A. in Early Childhood Education from Queens College (City University of New York), her Master of Education in Learning Disabilities from Georgia State University, and her Educational Specialist degree in Administration and Leadership from the University of Alabama. Paule was a teaching fellow at the Columbia University Klingenstein Center.

With her expertise in curriculum and long-term staff development, Paule models, initiates, develops, and presents numerous training programs for teachers and senior level administrators at school sites as well as conferences. Paule has conducted training programs in models of learning that include: Learning Variations, Alternative Assessments, Differentiated Learning Practices, Dimensions of Learning, Multiple Intelligences, Understanding by Design, and Universal Design for Learning.

As co-founder of The South Florida Learning Support Association, Paule has presented numerous topics alongside other educators and administrators. Her most recent workshop took place in Milan, Italy where she presented a two-day workshop at the Milan Center for Family Therapy.

Paule was recently selected to be a part of the Inaugural National Faculty Cadre for Universal Design for Learning at the C.A.S.T. organization in Boston.

In her role as director, Paule works closely with parents and professionals in the community. She facilitates review of psychoeducational results with teachers and parents to formulate individual formal educational plans for students. She has coordinated and implemented Social and Emotional programs through her connection with ISFEL. In 2016, Paule attended an ISFEL week-long conference in California.  Since then, Paule realized that this is what is so often noted as the “missing link” in education. Paule invited the Institute to conduct training for teachers and parents.  A special Student Conference was also held for students to experience ISFEL’s robust, research-based breakout sessions that empowered our students and teachers through reflection, discussion, and practices to explore creative approaches to developing Social and Emotional Intelligence. These experiences continue to transform and impact our learning community. They were the catalyst for infusing programs throughout the school.

More than ever, Social and Emotional Learning is critical to addressing all kinds of learning: academics and social. The social and emotional development of every child should be fostered through meaningful, empathic relationships that promote interpersonal and intrapersonal knowledge and skills

SEL is the foundation of well-being and helps students to unlock the potential within them. If basic needs are not met, then individuals are not able to thrive as well as form relationships with themselves and others.  Self-Awareness is the key to developing all competencies and is key to children engaging in meaning-making out of their world.

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