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About the Program

IFSEL designs and leads a bespoke path of faculty professional development, leadership coaching, and consulting for schools and districts who want an integrated, whole community approach to SEL. The plan is customized for each organization’s needs, so SEL can be incorporated fully into the education experience of all students, educators, and parents/caregivers.

IFSEL's experience of working with hundreds of schools and districts around the world, combined with the depth of our workshop and lesson library enables us to design and tailor a dynamic range of experiences for each school or district.

Program Goals

  • Help faculty reshape how they see themselves, renew their inspiration and creativity, and develop their ability to build more humanity and empathy into their teaching practice.
  • Give faculty and parents a common understanding of the practices and vocabulary that can help inspire students to evolve into compassionate leaders and resilient learners.
  • Give faculty an in-depth experiential understanding of SEL.

Program Elements

  • Scope and Sequence Creation
  • Workshop days and virtual sessions, on a broad range of SEL fundamentals.
  • CASEL aligned SEL Curriculum
  • Classroom coaching.
  • Guidance on school-wide systems: e.g. how to infuse SEL into lunchtime, recess, field trips, assemblies, student council, graduation, honoring rituals and/or awards.
  • Guidance on difficult events that impact School Climate.
  • Demonstration classes.
  • SEL events for parent education.

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“I normally opt out of all of these and am not willing to be a part of such experiences - out of my comfort zone. I engaged in this and took huge risks and I didn’t want to and I’m so happy I did, and it was such a positive experience.”

—Sixth Grade Teacher

2023-24 IFSEL Schools & Districts

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