IFSEL's Youth Leadership Council

Saylee Nemade

Fort Lauderdale, FL

Saylee Nemade is a member of Pine Crest School's Class of 2022. She was born in India, though raised in South Florida. Her interest and advocacy for social and emotional learning began in middle school in which those she knew struggled with stress, stereotypes, microaggressions, making friends, and their emotions. Upon learning about SEL's YLC, Saylee found an outlet to learn, create, and brainstorm towards helping students in an environment where they feel undermined. Saylee believes that social and emotional interactions and one's health are crucial for young adults to understand, so they can be leaders in the world of tomorrow. Hence, collaborating with like-minded people at SEL�s YLC with the same goal, she believes, their mission will create spark inclusive groups and communities where everyone can truly excel by being themselves.